Native Coffee English Community

Jordan and Jonny moved to Zarautz from Chicago in 2011. Our team has grown and changed over the years, but our commitment to our town and our NATIVE family has remained the same and it shows in everything we do.


Jonny has become a master barista and offers not only flavorful coffee and food but a magnetic atmosphere which draws people back to new experiences and conversations. The coffee shop is in the mercado de verduras in the Ayuntamiento Plaza (in the center).

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Our professional, caring team is dedicated to teaching with excellence and supporting our students as we work towards their goals. We offer an English learning environment that is approachable, personal, professional, and makes each student feel at home. Their website is

I look forward to the unique coffee experience that Jonny offers when I visit Zarautz. Great food, coffee and conversation.

Rick Walker, USA

Lovely people. Excellent food.

— Anonymous

I love the opportunity to engage with new topics. The conversations we have are so relevant!

– Student from “Coffee Chat” class