Balea Jatetxea, Orio

This restaurant is located on the beach in a small town called Orio. It is highly recommended by the locals. Serving lunch 1 to 3:30 – reservations are needed.

Orio is a fishing town located in the province of Gipuzkoa in the Basque Autonomous Community, northern Spain, with the town nucleus lying on the river Oria, roughly one mile away from its mouth by the Bay of Biscay. Orio had a population of 5,901 inhabitants as of 2016.

Traditionally a town attached to the sea and the fishing industry, this sector is losing ground to the more profitable and less demanding tourism, rapidly developing after marshes between the town and the beach were drained with a view to building up new tourist oriented housing. The most widely known and conspicuous sport activity in Orio is the rowing regatta typical of the Basque and Cantabric coastal area, featuring a team represented by the yellow color.

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Delicious food. Fabulous place near the beach.


Balea Jatetxea
C. Antilla, 5, 20810 Orio, Gipuzkoa