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Sidrería Izeta Sagardotegia


The history of Sidrería Izeta is one of a family that has dedicated itself to the world of cider for five generations. Although it initially produced the drink for its own consumption, in 1983, and under the initiative of Manuel Iruretagoiena, Izeta Sagardotegia opened its doors to the general public in the Izeta Goikoa farmhouse. Three decades later, the restaurant has become a special place, guaranteeing top quality and the most authentic flavour.

Izeta Sagardotegia is located just outside of Zarautz, Gipuzkoa.


In Sidrería Izeta we make two different ciders. On one hand, “IZ”, and on the other our “Sidra Izeta”, which we have produced from the start. Although both are made almost exclusively from apples from our apple trees, the Natural Cider of the Basque Country certificate indicates that our Sidra IZ offers a guarantee of 100% local production. Facebook Page

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Elkano Auzoa, Urdaneta Bidea, Izeta
Goikoa Baserria, 20809 Aia, Gipuzkoa