Hale’s Brewery – Seattle


Hale’s Ales Brewery, located in the Fremont-Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, has been brewing hand crafted ales for Northwest beer lovers for over 30 years. Founded by Mike Hale, the brewery has been continuously owned and operated by the same group of friends who in 1983 introduced the first Pale Ale to be produced in Washington since Prohibition. Hale’s brews small batch, full flavored ales using traditional English brewing methods.

An innovator from the start, Hale’s was the first craft brewery to introduce Seasonal, Cask Conditioned, and Nitrogen Conditioned Ales to the region. The brewery’s goal is to stay true to what the craft brewing “revolution” is all about: producing and serving fresh, locally brewed beers of the very finest quality. Hale’s is proud of its position as a pioneer in the rebirth of great beer in America, welcomes the camaraderie of the many new breweries and encourages all beer lovers to know that fresh beer is the best beer! “Think Globally, Drink Locally”. 

Amazing! The food and beer is very good and at a reasonable price.

Nicole B.

This pub has a chill atmosphere. My friend and I got together for ladies night out and got last minute tickets to a magic show being performed in the Palladium.

Evelyn K.

This pub has a great old neighborhood lived in atmosphere. They have a spacious interior with plenty of seating. You can look into the brewing area and watch them make beer.

Chris W.