• Gernika Tree

  • Joanna and Nahia

Gernika, Biscaya

Gernika is known throughout the world due to the painting by Pablo Picasso that bears the same name (although spelled the Spanish way, “Guernica”). It was this town that was bombed in 1937, the events of which inspired Picasso’s most famous piece of art. The bombing by German and Italian air forces took many lives and left the town utterly destroyed. The destruction of Gernika was ordered by Francisco Franco in an attempt to overthrow the Republican government during the Spanish Civil War.

One of the reasons Gernika was chosen for the bombing is due to its importance both politically and historically. The Gernika Tree can be found here and it’s where, underneath its branches, Basques were granted autonomy in the Middle Ages. Next to the tree is the Biscayan Assembly, a place where the political leaders have meet to decide the fate of their people over the ages. Both the assembly and the tree offer insights into the history of the Basque people and can give a deeper understanding of more recent historical events such as the Basque independence movement. In addition, Gernika also has its own Basque museum, the Euskal Herria Museum as well as the Peace Museum. For those who are interested in Basque culture and politics, Gernika is a must.

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ACTIVITIES: Peace Museum Olabe: a 500 year old Basque farm house

During this excursion we will visit the Peace Museum and have lunch at Olabe which is a working farm with sheep, orchards and gardens.

Olabe is a vision of Joseba and Joanna Attard to provide a space for Basque to disconnect to reconnect with their culture, nature and the infinite personal God who created all things.