A Basque/ Camino Adventure

A Basque/ Camino Adventure

Lete House in Alkiza

Join us in 2022 for a 15 day adventure in Basque Country. 

Travelers can spend either the first week on the Camino and the second week on the Basque experience or the first week on the Basque experience and the second week walking on the Camino. If you wish you could walk both weeks on the Camino and bypass the Basque experience – your choice.

The Basque Experience will be 6 days of touring and tasting Basque culture. Participants will be visiting several Basque historical sites, landmarks, museums, beaches, and experiencing a traditional cider house, pintxo bar hopping (unique hors d’oeuvre appetizers) and other gastronomical delights.

Basque Adventure Packing List

The Camino de Santiago is considered a bucket list destination for many people, whether you consider yourself a spiritual person or not. We will be exploring faith and spirituality during a day visit to Saint John Pied o Port  and walking 5 days on the Camino. Participants will be walking approximately 15 miles a day and be staying with other pilgrims on the journey.
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Camino Packing List

Cost: 1 Week Camino/ 1 Week Basque Experience starting at: $2400
(does not include airfare or special requests)

What is provided Basque Experience Week:

  • ground transportation & support in Basque Country
  • two meals a day, lunch on your own (except on the Camino)*
  • all lodging (except on the Camino)*
  • travel insurance
  • experiences – Basque cider house, txakoli vineyard dinner, pintxo night, museums
  • * While walking the Camino you will use your credit card – see note below.

What is not provided:

  • airfare (arrange own flight to arrive on designated day, depart on or after the last day of adventure)
  • * Note: 5 days on the Camino – While walking the Camino it is easier for each person to use their credit card for reserve rooms and purchase food – this may vary from 50 to 80 dollars a day, depending on your meals and lodging preferences. You will be responsible to purchase food and lodging on your own during the 5 days on the Camino beyond the base price of $2400.

 Cost: 2 Weeks Walking the Camino base cost: $1650 (does not include airfare, lodging, food or special services while on the Camino. The cost while on the Camino will vary based on each person’s preferences. Typical daily cost while on the Camino is $50-80 a day.)

What is provided:

  • ground transportation & support in Basque Country
  • travel guide
  • travel insurance
  • 3 nights lodging, 3 special group meals
  • experiences – cider house, txakoli vineyard dinner and beach time in San Sebastian

Dates: September 7 – 21

Flight Information: You will need to book your own flight to leave September 7th to arrive on September 8th – ideally between noon and 6pm Bilbao time. If you want to travel with a group, Rick has booked a Delta flight leaving September 7th from Seattle at 1:05pm with layover in Paris, arriving September 8th in Bilbao at 12:45PM.
(Book a flight to arrive between noon and 6pm on the 8th. Let us know if this is not possible and we will try to accommodate. )

Let Rick know your flight as soon as you book: rick@joytravelusa.com

We will make arrangements to stay near the airport on your return flight. Rick is has booked a return flight on September 21st. You can stay longer but our responsibility will end on September 21st.


Deadline: June 1st – $400 deposit , August 1st balance due $1000, September 1st $1000 Final payment

Adventure Payments

Please complete our survey to determine the best time to walk the Camino and indicate what interests you.


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