Olabe – live and serve abroad

Olabe – live and serve abroad


We plan to travel to Olabe in Basque Country for ten days in the Spring and Fall of 2021.  Contact us if you are interested in experiencing Basque culture, work to restore a 500 year old Basque farm house and surf the waves of Bizkaia and Giputzkoa. (You are not required to be a surfer, just a willing heart and body to serve.)

Learn first had the customs and ways of the Basque. Begin to understand and experience the deep sense of family and commitment to community. You will make friends with people that will continue across the world for a lifetime.

Olabe is looking for financial investors to finish the project and support the mission in creating a place where people can “disconnect to reconnect” through using the farm to reconnect with nature and Creator. The farm will be used as a hostel, large gathering place for festivals, a variety of classes (for example on language, nature, gardening) and discovering life together.

Musu bat (one kiss).

Contact us if you wish to travel there to volunteer to work. If you cannot travel there, please consider making a tax deductible donation below to help complete the project.

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Please consider contributing to the Olabe restoration project – click here


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