Cross Culture Surf Project

Cross Culture Surf Project

The Cross Culture Surf Project is to build relationships with Basque people and better understand each other’s culture.

It is our desire to have short term excursions to Basque Country to serve and surf.  Living and serving among the Basque people stirs their curiosity and builds friendships.


  1. We desire you and your family to develop a long term relationship with a Basque student or adult. The internet has provided multiply ways to stay in touch and get to know your Basque friend.
  2. We desire the Basque student or adult to visit the US and stay in your home for a short term stay. This may be just them or they may be part of a group who comes to visit your area to surf, meet your friends, visit your church and experience US culture.
  3. We desire that you or a family member visit your Basque student or adult in Basque Country for a short term stay. We plan to organize trips to Basque Country annually.

Contact us if you wish to participate. Consider making a tax deductible contribution below to assist the project. Thanks!


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